Donating Hair, What is that like?


The young lady in the picture is my cousin,Victoria. She is doing a 12 days of Giving this year for Christmas. One of her ways of giving back to the community is by donating her luxurious hair to the non-profit organization, Locks Of Love. Vicky has been lucky enough to grow her hair out and donate it four times. She was looking for a change and had been thinking about the chop for a long time. She has recently become involved in triathlons and wanted an easy and aerodynamic do.

She brought me pictures of Michelle Williams‘  blonde pixie haircut. She wanted it to be shorter than a bob but a longer than a normal pixie. I think this was a wise decision because she has done the bob haircut before and was wanting to do something different. I told her that we can always go shorter so we went with a long pixie.

Maintanance- the pixie needs to be cut every month in order to keep a flattering shape.

Styling- the hardest part at home is going to be in the fringe area. The back can run wild and do its own thing.

How we did it:

First we sectioned her clean dry hair into four quadrants. I used rubberbands to gather each section and braided them loosely. Next we took the plunge and did what I like to call “The Commitment Cut”. At this point there is no turning back. We cut the front right first and cut off each braided pony tail counter clockwise. We put the hair in a bag and giggled at the loss of weight on her head. At this point it looks pretty shabby so we went quickly to the shampoo area and used Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine. Next, I cut her hair using various styling techniques and tools. I kept the back short and full of movement and left a lot of length in her fringe area. We kept it as feminine and flirty as possible. We rinsed and blowdry styled with Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream and Surfercomber Tousled Texture Mouse. I used a flatbrush to blow dry her bangs and used my fingers to do any additional styling.

The result:

a clean, polished, tailored to her bone structure, sophisitaced, promote-me haircut! She is going to have fun with scarves and dramatic earrings!

What do you think? Would you consider donating your hair?

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