By Popular Demand: One on One Updo Tutorials

Playful Updo

Playful Updo

Lately I have had clients request fresh ways of doing their own hair at home other than how they usually do it every day. My clients ask for ideas to wear their hair on days when they don’t wash and still want to look polished on a regular day at the office or a special occasion. So I came up with a solution. I am now offering one on one updo tutorials in salon. This can be booked in addition to a regular appointment or soley on its own.

What should you expect?

45 minutes for $45 for 3 updo’s. 15 minutes an updo. I figured that this would be a good amount of knowledge without using too much brain bandwidth. I know that I can only retain so much in one sitting. A client could come in over and over and I will always be able to teach them something new. I can customize each session by hair texture (curly or straight), length, and difficulty level.
 During the process, I give the client a hand held mirror and spin the chair around so they can watch every move, every bobby pinning technique, ask questions and take notes.
Take home Starter Kit– I send clients home with a goodie bag including:
– a sparkly hair accessory
-notes printed on paper and email
-a handful of bobby pins, hair pins, rubber bands, and a crocodile clip
-shopping list

This way clients don’t go home and never utilize the new skills they just learned. Also, if they forget the names of any hardware they can just take a sample with them when they shop for more at a local beauty supply store (Sally’s and Target).

In Conclusion:
Practice makes perfect. A lot of times these updo’s look easier said than done. It just takes patience and willingness to make mistakes and learn. Refer to YouTube videos for a quick refresher using the keywords that I teach you.

Cute Girls  Hairstyles YouTube Channel- one of my favs. I get my ideas from Pinterest and

This is a sample of the literature that I send my Clients home with:

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