Blow Drying 101

I come from the Chi Flat Iron generation. This tool is pretty much my 3rd arm ever since my freshman year of high school. I have even heard the term “crack-iron”. This whole round-brush and blow-dryer thing is still something I’m getting used to. People in my chair complain every day of their #blowdryingproblems at home. If I could have a nickel for how many times I’ve heard, “Can you just come to my house at 6 am every day and do my hair?”…

My new favorite technique these days is diffusing the hair in the nape while encouraging natural curl to develop with the help of Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse or Oribe Sculpting Cream. Next, I grab a smaller round brush than I would normally use so that it mimics their natural curl. Instead of round brushing the whole head you can just blow-dry style the top and sides. This way is so efficient because the hair is almost dry from the diffusing and you save your arm strength. It’s so natural and free-flowing. Of course, this is only available to those with natural wave or curl. For those of us who have stick straight hair- I have something for you too.

I recently made a video that I sent to a product line as part of an application for an educator position featuring my lovely model, Bailey. This is a demonstration of a typical blow-dry from Yours Truly at Bella Salon & Spa. Hopefully it will draw some inspiration for you at home.

Here are some quick tips:
1. Detangle before you begin. I’m obsessed with L’anza Leave-in Conditioner right now.
2. Blow-dry your hair 90% using just your hands
3. Take it section by section. Take your time and be patient. Practice, practice, practice. You’ll get faster without even noticing.
4. Utilize your cool-shot. Most blow-dryers have them. It looks like a light blue trigger button. Use it to cool the hair down once it’s dry. I always tell my clients, “Hair is like cookies. Right out of the oven the cookies are hot a malleable. You let them cool on a flat surface they’ll stay that way till you eat them.” This technique transcends to hair because it helps demonstrate how cooling hot hair around a round brush will help the hair hold the shape longer.
5. Use great products! Products decrease blow-dry time, build-in hold, and polish it off.

Thanks for reading!

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