Bayalage is Making Waves

  Pronounced “ball-ee-aw-j”, this is the newest, coolest and most effortless color trend out there right now. It’s been around forever but it is making a huge comeback. The word originates from the French language and means “to sweep”. When a stylist is applying the lightener with this technique they use a sweeping motion. 

My favorite lightener product to do this procedure with is Wella Freelights. It is a clay-based decolorizer that allows the stylist to freehand paint highlights without using foil, cotton or Saran Wrap. At the same time it doesn’t “bleed” (color getting on hair that was unintentional). The stylist is truly free to paint on the hair in a very artistic way. Often times a paddle is used during the process like a palette. 

As a professional I love this because I’ve found that this technique takes up less time, it is eco-friendly in the way that there is less foils going to the landfill, and my clients are excited to try something new. The clients also exude beauty from the beginning of their service until the end. They don’t have bulky foils getting in the way of their vision and hearing. 

How long is the process? Depending on the length and density of the hair, the application time is between 20-45 minutes. Depending on the condition of the hair, the processing time is between 5-30 minutes. The shampoo, toner, conditioner and blowout can range from 30-90 minutes. The coolest thing about this method is that you can tone the bayalage highlights with a pretty natural color or with vivid neon color(s). The possibilities are endless. 

The maintenance is pretty easy too. Salon visits can be less frequent as there is a softer line of demarcation or grow out. 

Here are a couple of examples of my most recent work. Let me know what you think about bayalage or if you have any questions. 





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