Keeping You Updated, Short and Sweet

5 Things Really Quick

1) New Look – I’ve rebranded, and updated my website and schedulicity. It’s more simple, user friendly, and time efficient.

2) Holidays 2019 – I know it’s 100 degrees outside but let’s get you booked if we haven’t already.

3) Standing Appointment Invitation – I allow online booking for clients 365 days out. This way you can book yourself on the days and times that work best for you. I’m happy to assist in any way I can via text, in person, email, or phone call.

4) My Vacation Pattern – I’m going to take the same vacation days every year so you can be aware of when I’ll be out. It’ll pretty much be the same as teachers but instead of taking the whole summer off I’ll just take a week off mid June.

5) Cancellation Policy – Remains the same, which is 24 hours notice, but 48 hours (or more) is much appreciated. This way I can contact people on my waiting list as fast as possible.

My goal is to make your experience excellent, relaxed, and smart from start to finish.



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