New Year, New Location

Happy 2019!
I’ve got some exciting news to share with everyone for this brand new year.

I was given an amazing opportunity to go back to my “roots” and will now be working at Bella Salon on 6th street. I look forward to serving you, my devoted clients, at the beautifully redesigned, always fabulous Bella.

– If you already have an existing appointment  I would love to keep it at the same day and time. I will be sure to check in with you 7 days prior to your appointment via text
– If you need to book/edit an appointment you can now go though Bella’s Guest Services (512)474-5999 or online
Short Version 👆
Long Version 👇
Most of you are familiar with this location because it is where I started my career. I worked at Bella from 2009-2016. Bella has undergone a lot of changes recently. There is new ownership, renovations, and a new vision. I am confident that this will be a positive change for me and my clients and I want to make sure that this transition is as comfortable as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
For those of you who have started seeing me within the past few years, I am excited welcome you to Bella for the first time 🙂
I am so grateful for everyone’s continued support throughout the years. We’ve gotten to tour a lot of new hair salons and experience different management styles. I am excited to go back to Bella because they are going to take really good care of us. Honestly, I was struggling with handling both the management side and hairdressing side. Now Bella can handle all of the management and I can stay inspired and continue doing what I love. #realtalk
Bella is so special for many reasons. The culture and location are unique to Austin and its artistic history. It is an upscale salon with a team of individuals who are passionate about beauty and education. Here, I will thrive with support and structure. I am thrilled to grow my business and expand my knowledge through Bella. I will be working with an assistant which will make me more available to you, I will be taking more classes to serve you better with the latest technology and skills, and I will have salon support to take over my booking and prices. My prices will go up eventually this year by $15-30 depending on what services you are seeking.
Please come join me at my new (again) location, Bella.



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