Frequently Asked Questions

F A Q 🙋‍♀️



1) How has it been? What’s the story?

It’s been a month since I started at Bella and it’s been amazing!! My clients are loving it! My co-workers have been so warm and welcoming. It feels like home 🙂
So it’s kind of a funny story… I was recruited by the new, new owner of Bella by accident. I was posting ads looking for a new assistant on the usual job websites like Craigslist, Linked-in, and Indeed. He saw my resume and reached out. The time seemed right so I took a leap! He is super nice and I am happy to be an employee. I learned that I am one of those people who loves structure and that self-employment wasn’t a good fit for me. I am so grateful for the experience and met so many nice people on my 3 year adventure of being an independent contractor.

2) Why are you double booking with an assistant?

So I can do hair for at least two more decades 🙂 I love my job but it can be hard on my body. My carpel tunnel flares up when I work too much so this is a great way to give my body a rest and at the same time I can mentor a new stylist.
By double booking, I am no longer on a wait list and I have way better flexibility. You can book like a normal person now 🙂

3) Wow, your Social Media has really taken off? What’s the deal?

Isn’t it so fun?!? I have learned a lot and have come so far thanks to my amazing assistant Naomi, Bella and their social media team – Hot Dog Marketing, and podcasts like Thriving Stylist.
What this means for my guests – We are all about protecting your privacy so no worries, we don’t have to show your face. However, if you want to get some great shots of your hair and face, feel free to come photo shoot ready! Wear your favorite new outfit and wear your makeup that makes you feel pretty! We can do the rest with our super fun ring light, cool back drops at Bella, and quick make up touch up.

4) Confirmations for appointments – Email, phone call, or text?

Let us know your preference upon check-out or check-in with our Guest Services. If it is text, we need to know your cell phone service provider 🙂

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