What Every Woman Wants : Youthful Looking Hair

I was asked to be a guest blogger for a local business called Bess & George Clothing. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am super excited to share what I wrote for them. Check them out http://www.bessandgeorge.com

Moisturized hair is youthful looking hair.  I always tell my clients to follow a regimen. We do this for a skin, why not our hair too? Do deep conditioning treatments weekly and to moisturize their ends with oils and serums daily. I specify that the mid-shaft to ends are the most important. The ends of our hair can be one year, two years, or three years old. They can be damaged because they have taken the most heat, touch, and environmental damage over time. They need the most loving. A treatment for in the shower that I love to recommend is the Number 4 Reconstructing Masque. To leave in the hair wet or dry, I love MILK by Reverie or the Flouro5 Elixer by Number 4 High Performance Hair Care. The root area is where I recommend using dry shampoo or root touch up hairsprays. My favorite dry shampoo is Amika Perk Up. It’s extremely effective and fine in texture so you can still run your fingers though it. It’s great for blondes, brunettes, and redheads because it emulsifies in the hair without leaving a white shadow. It’s tough enough to fight the greasiest of scalps. I always recommend to section the hair in one inch rows to apply dry shampoo to ensure even application all over the head. I also love to recommend Oribe’s root touch up spray. It comes in almost every color. It’s a quick fix to cover grays when you’re in a pinch. It smells really good and washes out in one shampoo.

My go to tools are the Wet Brush, microfiber towels, my BioIonic curling iron and my Pony-O. First, the Wet Brush is the most gentle detangler out there. You can use it in the shower, out of the shower, on wet hair or on dry hair.  I keep miniature wet brushes in my purse, gym bag, and travel bag. They are great for many reasons but I feel like the long term results tells it all. Less breakage = longer and healthier hair. Next, Microfiber towels are super absorbent and gentle on the hair. They won’t rough up your cuticle and they will softly blot the water out of your hair for a quicker blow dry. I get the most excited when I talk about my curling iron. I love the BioIonic because it has a longer barrel. I love the design because it is super user friendly and allows me to pick up more hair at a time. The faster I can curl the faster I can get ready! Always use a heat protectant when using hot tools. I love to use either oils, serums, or light hold working hairsprays. Last but not least is the Pony-O. You can make a regular pony look perky, professional, full – super easy! You can do half up styles, braids, or messy buns! You can put a scrunchie over it, your own hair, or they are super cute exposed too! These are amazing for the girl on the go! Especially in this summer heat! Check out their website for some short videos to inspire a style for you!

People ask me sometimes “what is an appropriate length or hair color for a woman of a certain age?” I say that we should always rock a look that reflects our personality while making us comfortable in our own skin. If you feel sexiest with length then let’s keep it long but make sure to keep it polished. If you feel the most beautiful with short hair because you have a beautiful neck and shoulders then show them off! Let’s find a style together that flatters your face shape and has the maintenance regimen that works with your lifestyle. My personal favorite to recommend to my clients is something that is close to your natural but has a little sparkle! Embrace your natural beauty 💕 Healthy hair is the prettiest hair 💕

Follow my blog to learn more about me, the salon I work for Headspace Salon and Coop, my other favorite products, tips, and tricks! http://www.rachaeldunnhairdesign.com @rachaeldunnhairdesign

Headspace Salon and Coop is a warm, stylish, zen, organic, holistic salon that was recently opened by native Austinite Laura North. She hand selected the products in which she carries because she wanted them to be earth friendly, high quality, and something you could only find at her salon. Check out the fabulous setting @headapacesalonandcoop

Ps. Satin pilllow cases are always a great idea!  So many benefits! They help preserve your hairstyles so you can save time in the morning and prevent wrinkles (10)

*sold at Headspace
1) Number 4 Reconstructing Masque
*Sold at Headspace
3) Number 4 Elixir
*Sold at Headspace
4) Dry Shampoo
*sold at Headspace
8) Curling Iron – Amazon only
6) The Wet Brush – My Fav – Go Green -environmentally friendly
9) The Pony-O (on their website only)
5) Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray

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