I’m not sure where this path will lead but I am taking you with me

As I lean in to my passion of content creation I am going to limit my hours behind the chair starting in 2021 to ✌️ days a week. To ensure my devoted clientele is prioritized I am only accepting new clients that have requested me personally. That could be by referral or via social media. My online booking feature has been deactivated so please reach out to me via TEXT, EMAIL, or DM for booking 🚨

Don’t worry, I still love doing hair and want to continue doing it forever! It brings me so much joy and I can’t imagine life without it. The thing is, it’s physically super hard and in order to be able to do it for decades to come I am slowly scaling back.

We have plenty of time to absorb all this information and plan accordingly in the next few months 😅 Prebooking will be 🔑 but all my clients are really great about that already. I’m not worried. We totally got this!

This year has allowed me pause and take myself on a self love journey. I am slowly opening up to you guys one post at a time and I hope that it’s relatable. If I can help at least one person out there overcome a hurdle than I know this is all worth it!

I am so enthusiastic about helping people with content creation and I think it would be pretty darn cool to start a side business one day doing exactly that. I have no idea how or what that looks like but I will figure it out as I take my online social media courses this winter. It’s a super scary taking a leap of faith but I am following my gut on this one (with the help of all you fine people cheering me on) and I am making room to follow my dreams ✨

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