I am creating an Online Hair Extension Course

Come and join me on Patreon to learn how to do hair extensions from me! You can watch my freebie here and from there you can find the link to see where you can find the whole course.

Why Patreon you ask? Isn’t that like an Onlyfans? Not quite lol! Patreon is an app that was inspired by the word “Patron”. Patron is defined as “a person who is a customer, client, or paying guest, especially a regular one, of a store, hotel, or the like.” So instead of selling nudes I am selling hair extension tutorials 🙂

The way Patreon explains how it was inspired is like you know how in the Shakespearian days when wealthy people supported artists? This was so that artists could use their time to create art instead of working an unrelated job to pay their bills. Fast forward to now, people can support creators by pledging money to their Patreon. The idea is so that creators can create more content by being full time creators and not have to worry about paying their bills as much with their conventional job.

Before deciding on Patreon as my platform in which to share my course, I looked into more traditional teaching websites. Unfortunately, their costs were in the thousands of dollars to use them as a host because of their software. My hope is to use one of those one day to make it a more formal experience. In the meantime Patreon will work!

I hope you can join me! I have created about 6 tutorial videos so far. They range in time from 2 minutes to 8 minutes each. I think that there will be about 15 or so more videos to go. Wish me luck!!

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