Get the look, High Top Knot Bun Tutorial


Reasons Why the High Top Knot Bun is Amazing

1. It’s a great way to look polished in a short amount of time
2. Gives you some height
3. You can do this on dirty hair so it helps spread out your shampoos
4. Great for keeping your hair out if your face (windy day, busy day, or special occasion)

How To:

1. Flip your head over and create a ponytail on top of your head using a soft bristle brush and a hair tie (I like using a bungee- a rubberband with a bobby pin on one side and a hair pin on the other) this will be your anchor.


2. Use a piece of tool that is similar to your hair color. You can find this at fabric stores. Cut it into a rectangle 8 inches by 4 inches (or you can buy a bun maker from Clair’s, CVS, or any grocery store… boring). Bobby pin this around the base of your ponytail. This will add some drama to your bun.


3. Use Dry Texture Spray by Oribe on your ends. This is like back combing in a bottle. Next, create a soft cushion by teasing your pontytail with a soft bristle brush. My favorite, the Mason Pearson, is pretty expensive but you can find similar brushes at Target or Sally’s.


4. The part that will take the most practice is the swirling motion that it takes to wrap the around the tool and create the perfect shape. Think cotton candy. Be patient and keep trying. Once you get it where you want it- pin it! I like using hair pins because they are lightweight and don’t disturb the fabric of the hair. Don’t be afraid to use black pins in any color of hair. Once you get good at hiding them they look like shadows and don’t reflect light in photos.

5. Finish with hairspray. My favorite for build-able hold and a matte finish is Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Hairspray.

Princess Parties!


What is a Princess Party?

A Princess Party is a service that Bella Salon & Spa offers to young ladies for birthday parties. We have hosted 4 in the past 4 years for little girls within the age range of 5-10. It is usually about 2 hours long, we put Justin Beiber Radio on, we usually have groups of 10 or so, and 2 stylists. We provide tiaras, colored extension hair, glittery hairspray, and whatever style the young princess desires. We can curl their hair, straighten, or put it in a simple updo. Parents usually bring a fold up table and set up a cake and decorations in the waiting area. It is so fun for everyone involved! Nothing is sweeter than a little girl’s smile!

How did this come about?

It was a collaborative idea of mine and a client of Bella whose children attend Zilker Elementary School. We thought of a fun way to make a donation to a silent auction that benefits their school. It was a huge hit and raised a few hundred dollars for Zilker the past 4 years.

How can I book a Princess Party?

Call (512)474-5999 and book it! We would be happy to take care of you and your kids.

By Popular Demand: One on One Updo Tutorials

Playful Updo

Playful Updo

Lately I have had clients request fresh ways of doing their own hair at home other than how they usually do it every day. My clients ask for ideas to wear their hair on days when they don’t wash and still want to look polished on a regular day at the office or a special occasion. So I came up with a solution. I am now offering one on one updo tutorials in salon. This can be booked in addition to a regular appointment or soley on its own.

What should you expect?

45 minutes for $45 for 3 updo’s. 15 minutes an updo. I figured that this would be a good amount of knowledge without using too much brain bandwidth. I know that I can only retain so much in one sitting. A client could come in over and over and I will always be able to teach them something new. I can customize each session by hair texture (curly or straight), length, and difficulty level.
 During the process, I give the client a hand held mirror and spin the chair around so they can watch every move, every bobby pinning technique, ask questions and take notes.
Take home Starter Kit– I send clients home with a goodie bag including:
– a sparkly hair accessory
-notes printed on paper and email
-a handful of bobby pins, hair pins, rubber bands, and a crocodile clip
-shopping list

This way clients don’t go home and never utilize the new skills they just learned. Also, if they forget the names of any hardware they can just take a sample with them when they shop for more at a local beauty supply store (Sally’s and Target).

In Conclusion:
Practice makes perfect. A lot of times these updo’s look easier said than done. It just takes patience and willingness to make mistakes and learn. Refer to YouTube videos for a quick refresher using the keywords that I teach you.

Cute Girls  Hairstyles YouTube Channel- one of my favs. I get my ideas from Pinterest and

This is a sample of the literature that I send my Clients home with:

Donating Hair, What is that like?


The young lady in the picture is my cousin,Victoria. She is doing a 12 days of Giving this year for Christmas. One of her ways of giving back to the community is by donating her luxurious hair to the non-profit organization, Locks Of Love. Vicky has been lucky enough to grow her hair out and donate it four times. She was looking for a change and had been thinking about the chop for a long time. She has recently become involved in triathlons and wanted an easy and aerodynamic do.

She brought me pictures of Michelle Williams‘  blonde pixie haircut. She wanted it to be shorter than a bob but a longer than a normal pixie. I think this was a wise decision because she has done the bob haircut before and was wanting to do something different. I told her that we can always go shorter so we went with a long pixie.

Maintanance- the pixie needs to be cut every month in order to keep a flattering shape.

Styling- the hardest part at home is going to be in the fringe area. The back can run wild and do its own thing.

How we did it:

First we sectioned her clean dry hair into four quadrants. I used rubberbands to gather each section and braided them loosely. Next we took the plunge and did what I like to call “The Commitment Cut”. At this point there is no turning back. We cut the front right first and cut off each braided pony tail counter clockwise. We put the hair in a bag and giggled at the loss of weight on her head. At this point it looks pretty shabby so we went quickly to the shampoo area and used Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine. Next, I cut her hair using various styling techniques and tools. I kept the back short and full of movement and left a lot of length in her fringe area. We kept it as feminine and flirty as possible. We rinsed and blowdry styled with Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream and Surfercomber Tousled Texture Mouse. I used a flatbrush to blow dry her bangs and used my fingers to do any additional styling.

The result:

a clean, polished, tailored to her bone structure, sophisitaced, promote-me haircut! She is going to have fun with scarves and dramatic earrings!

What do you think? Would you consider donating your hair?

Modern Salon Magazine Published My Work!!!

This is published in the December 2013 issue of Modern Salon Magazine on page 36!!!


I could not have done this without the help and support of Bella Salon & Spa, Oribe Hair Care, Photographer Steve Wampler, Make-up Artist Jessica Timko, and Model Brigid Flanagan. When one of us is featured we all are! I am so lucky! This is so exciting! It is such a dream! It is recognition like this that keeps me going!!!

Every year for the past 25 years there is a contest called NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards). We entered the Avant Garde Category. Our goal is to win it one day. If one does get nominated for an award one would get to go to the award show in Las Vegas in the summertime. This year we did not get nominated but we did get recognized in an Oribe Hair Care Portfolio Contest by uploading our work on (a website for the Oribe to community to network). This is how we were recognized in Modern Salon Magazine. 

FAQ: Do I wash my hair before my hair appointment?

Rachael Washing a Clients Hair

Rachael in Action

It’s complicated. It depends on your hair, your hairdresser, and the service you are receiving.

Your hair… Is your scalp sensitive? If it is too clean is your scalp going to be irritated more than usual?

Your hairdresser… Their preference. Some stylists like dirty hair for up-do’s because it has more grip than slip. Some stylists prefer clean and dry hair that they can create grip with hair products.

Your service… Are you getting color, cut, or style? Are you doing anything dramatic like a major color change or a substantial amount of length off?

Color- Some stylists do a pre-color treatment before coloring to apply the hair color on a clean slate. What is a pre-color service? It is a 2 or 3 step system where the hair is washed with a clarifying or chelating shampoo then conditioned before a chemical service. We use L’anza Hair Care Ultimate Treatment or Joico K-pak Reconstructor. For example, when you are getting your nails done the manicurist removes old nail polish, buffs, exfoliates, moisturizes, and puts a base coat on the nails. Doing this with your hair will result in similar results to a manicure; the color stays on longer without chipping, goes on smoother by evening out the porosity, and looks better overall. This is also a great opportunity to go ahead and cut the clients hair while it is already wet. The stylist has the advantage to color the cut and not cut the color off that you just did.
Personally, I usually do this on people who get one-step color, or they are going from one extreme to another (for example, blonde to brown), cutting a lot of length off, or their hair is in poor shape. I have noticed It makes a huge difference in the long run. Times in which I do not perform this pre-color service are if I am doing highlights and I can do the pre-color treatment later in their service, or if I want to add color to hair that is in it’s natural state, or if someone has a particularly sensitive scalp.

Cut or Style- Most times we wash the hair before these treatments anyway. If you want your stylist to see your hair the way you fix it then I would come to your hair appointment with clean hair. If you have a picture or can verbalize what you want out of the service then go ahead and come in with dirty hair.

Wait, what if I am getting an up-do? If it was my wedding day I would probably want clean hair. If I am going for a second day style because I don’t want to wash my hair 2 days in a row, one day dirty is perfect. If your hair doesn’t look dirty on day 3 or 5 that works perfectly. Does that make sense?

To put it simply, come to your hair appointment with dirty hair because it is most likely we are going to wash it for you. Just please don’t come in with too dirty of hair. Nobody wants to put their hands in that.

Do people still get perms? Yes!


Perms have such a bad reputation for being too 1980’s, smelly, or damaging. It is time to remove that stigma!

Earlier this week I did a perm on a young lady with sponge rollers. I used a brand called “Iso Perm: Option 1”. She had a perm previously but no other chemical services on her hair. She wanted big loose curls with them even looser around her face. I used different sizes of “Annie” rollers varying from 1 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. The result was phenomenal! I wanted a perm after seeing these results! I told her that she should  come back in 8 weeks for a haircut and that will reactivate her perm and allow the curls to bounce again by trimming off any dead ends. I also told her that she should probably get 2-3 perms a year to maintain the look.  

To style at home, she needs to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. I recommended L’anza Color Care shampoo and conditioner because it is gentle, sulfate free, and lightweight. I also told her to do a moisturizing deep conditioner once a week. My favorite is the Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle. She can style her hair by letting it air dry or diffuse with a blow-dryer. I recommended the following Oribe Products; leave-in conditioner Curl by Definition by Oribe, a volumizing mousse called Granidiose, and finish with Impermeable Anti-humidity hairspray.

So what do you think, would you consider getting a perm in 2014?