🤠Howdy! Thanks for stopping by! I am a hairstylist in Austin, Texas. I am a native Austinite and I have a huge family of natives here too! 

🤓 I come from a family of nerds. My dad is super into computers and my mom is crafty AF which explains a lot about me

📹 I was one of those kids that was always performing skits for my family, playing with friends with camcorders, or creating cringey school projects.

🤩I loved playing with Barbie’s, goofing around with hair and makeup, and bugging my mom in her sewing room.

👨‍🔧 Growing up, my gamer brother was always taking computers apart and re-building them in the room next to me. I am def not on his nor my dad’s level, but they sure taught me a thing or two about technology.

💫 In beauty school and as a salon intern I would always jump at any chance to do hair for a contest. Most of them were pretty “out there” but it was super fun to experiment and network that way.

🐉 Even when I got to start taking my own clients, I loved getting my co-workers together during our days off to create avant garde looks on models for photoshoots to enter in competitions in hopes of getting featured in magazines.

🎤 I LOVED going to hair shows and getting inspired by them. I would come back to the salon and teach my colleagues everything I learned whether they liked it or not LOL. Sending a HUGE thank you to all my previous co-workers who put up with all my crazy shananagans.

💖I guess you could say it all makes sense as to why I am so fascinated with content creation. Social media is such a big part of any business, it has been so fun watching the beauty industry adapt with all the new technology.

🧜‍♀️ I really took a deep dive into hair extensions in 2018. I started with tape-ins and have graduated to handed hair extensions. I got to take a class with influencer @hairbychrissy at Habit Salon in AZ thanks to the help of my salon at the time, Bella, helping me get there. After that, I worked at Headspace Salon and Coop where extensions were a HUGE passion for a lot of us. There I became more intimate with extensions thanks to the owner and staff there.

🤳My journey has recently took a turn after the pandemic when I started to dive deeper in social media content creation. I went nuts making Tik Tok hair tutorials in order to connect with my clients virtually during the lockdown. I ended up having a lot more fun than I thought I expected. I was super nervous to get in front of the camera (still do!). I was used to doing other peoples hair and letting them be the star. It was then that I discovered influencer @jera.bean on Tik Tok where she was creating tutorials for beginners. I decided to take her course called the Social Media Saloon. I learned a wealth of knowledge and the cherry on top was that I got to connect with a lot of like minded individuals who have changed my life forever. They believed in me before I ever did.

✨ I started to rent a suite in 2021 and have been loving self employment. I recently took a course with a fellow Salooner friend, @shannon.m.quinn called The Fundamentals of Attraction and I got to know a whole new version of myself and how to dream big to manifest what I want. Bonus was I got to learn more about course creation. 

👩‍🎨 I started my own Patreon in which I am teaching a hair extension course to hairstylists. My dream is to create a much larger program and call it “Shit they don’t teach you in Beauty School”. Teaching software is pretty expensive but I know I will be able to use a host like Kajabi, Teachable, or Kartra one day! Baby steps! Just being able to practice the basics of course creation has been mind blowing for me!

✌️Alright, that was a lot! Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know YOU!

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