I will be certified in Habit Hand Tied Extensions on March 24th, 2019! I am so excited that I wanted to go ahead and get this out there for those of you who are curious 🙂



Q) Can you wear your hair up with extensions?

A) Yes. You can wear your hair half up, in braids, and all kinds of other styles too! They are almost invisible. They are applied in a “U shape pattern” from ear to ear basically. They flow naturally with your hair so that they are extremely versatile.


Q) Are they real human hair?

A) Yes, they are 100% human remy hair. Which means that all the hair is meticulously selected and hand sewn into wefts with all of the cuticles facing the same way. They are extremely high quality and healthy hair. For more information click here.


Q) Can I wash, style, and brush like normal?

A) Yes, sometimes we use different products on clients real hair than on the extension hair. For example, we use volumizing products on the roots and smoothing products on the ends. They can take heat from hot tools just like your real hair. Heat styling protection is always recommended.


Q) How often do I need to get them taken out and put back in?

A) Typically every 6-12 weeks


Q) How are they applied? Do they damage the natural hair?

A) No glue, no stickiness, no fusion. It’s simple! Rows of tiny copper beads are applied to the natural hair with a looper and squeezed with pliers. The extension hair is sewn on top of the beads with a C -shaped needle and thread that matches your hair. Little to no harm is done to your natural hair. The weight is distributed evenly.


Q) How do you take them out?

A) It’s easy! We take the pliers and squeeze the beads the opposite way they were flattened which releases the hair. Then the extension hair slides out.


Q) How long does it take to put them in?

A) It takes me about an hour per row. I am hoping to get faster at this the more I practice. I have started my clients with just one or two rows for their first time. We can gradually add more as we get more comfortable with them.


Q) How do you get the hair?

A) The salon orders the hair through a respected hair supplier. It usually takes about a week to come in the mail.


Q) Will it match and blend with my natural hair?

A) Yes! We will match your hair to a swatch when you are in the salon during your consultation. Consultations are recommended. Extension hair can be colored to match your hair even better 😁


Q) How often do you have to buy new extension hair?

A) It depends on how well the client takes care of their hair. Some people can reuse the hair for a year and some for 6 months.


For more information check out this Link below. These are the people that are certifying me on March 24th 🙂 They posted videos for client education, so very helpful! 👇




• Satin Pillow Cases help to prevent tangles and frizziness. An added bonus is that it helps keep the hair style preserved so well you can rock your curls multiple days.

• The Wet Brush is super gentle. Great for in the shower when you have conditioner in your hair, out of the shower on towel dried hair when applying styling products, or for blow drying hair. I keep mini’s in my purse for mid-day brushings.

• Loosely braid your hair before you go to sleep. Try not to sleep with wet hair.

• Use scrunchies. Be super gentle on your hair. The extensions are secure but it doesn’t hurt to baby them.

• Microfiber towels are great because they don’t rough up the cuticle. The less rough you are on your hair, the more it will be shiny and soft.

• I always tell people they are a lot like eyelash extensions. It is a little weird at first but you get used to them.





Includes color matching to your natural hair, cutting to blend, and style

Cost of Hair alone:

14-18 inches [range TBA]

18-22 inches [range TBA]


Beaded Row Installation

• One Row starting at $TBA

• Two Rows starting at $TBA

• Three Rows starting at $TBA