Price Increase July of 2023


What will be your new pricing?

  • I currently charge $70 an hour but I will be charging $80 an hour starting in July. To be super transparent, this is on the lower / average side for my peers in my industry.

Why do you charge by the hour? 

  • I feel like this is very easy to predict. Clients can know exactly what their bill will be when they checkout with no surprises. People usually have a good idea of how long it takes for their hair do’s so its really easy to calculate. If a client wants to leave earlier without a blow dry, I will be happy to deduct the time. I really want to be fair and provide the best service possible while being able to customize their experience as far as budgeting goes. With all that being said, if you want to give me a heads up a day (or a few days in advance) that is ideal so I can schedule accordingly to maximize my time in the salon.

What about product usage?

  • I feel like charging by the hour reflects product usage as best as I can estimate. I feel like charging by the service is robbing people with very little hair and giving quite a deal to people with a lot of hair. I also don’t want someone to opt out of a service, like toner for example, because they are trying to save money. I will be honest if you need a service or not. I always say whether something is essential or non-essential in a joking way but it is low-key serious. I would rather a client skip a blow dry than a much needed service. 

Are you still accepting tips?

  • I am. I went back and forth on this one because I saw that a lot of my industry peers are charging a flat rate of about $100 an hour (or more) and not accepting tips. I never expect tips but they are greatly appreciated! I have to say, tips have really been a lifeline for me during hard times and I am extremely grateful for the generosity of my clients throughout the years.

Cancellation Policy?

  • My cancellation policy is 24 hours. 48-72 is more ideal (or even a week). I have a waiting list usually so if I have enough time to fill your spot that would really make another persons day! I really don’t like enforcing my policy but it’s one of those things that I have to do. I ask that people compensate me for half the cost of the estimated service if they cancel within 24 hours. If I don’t work I don’t get paid and that’s the cold hard truth.

Beauty supply costs, renting a space, and other expenses are going up. I have to do this to keep the level of fabulousness for you! I never cut corners or use lackluster products because I truly believe that the health of the hair comes from quality products and services. Thank you for reading and ILYSM besties!

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