Common mistakes when curling your hair 🙋‍♀️

In the last minute of this video you’ll see me with no filters, talking to the camera, nervous as hell, giving all my favorite tips!

🐥 I am the CEO of analogies because I feel like it’s a great way to shake off the nervousness and bridge the gap between me and my clients. If you’ve ever met me, you know I am full of it! Analogies that is! They are great when explaining toners and all kinds of hair things! I’m super weird and so is my brain 🤓

I used @amika products in this video. I have loved them so much for 2 or 3 years now because they are so fine in texture that I am able to run my fingers through them. They are free of all the bad stuff, cruelty free, they smell really great, and they all cost under $30!

We have 6 of each of these cans to sell at @headspacesalonandcoop We are slowly phasing these products out so snag them while you can (no pun intended)! ! I told the owner I would sell them all and I want to make her proud! That’s what inspired these videos ✨ Also I realized it has been a while since I did a curling tutorial and plus no one was asking 🤣

Love y’all soo much! Please come buy products from us to support small business!!

@babyliss 1.25 inch curling iron
Inspired by @ayz_mua
🎶 scrubs cover by @unlikepluto Joanna Jones
🎵 homies @spence

I’m not sure where this path will lead but I am taking you with me

As I lean in to my passion of content creation I am going to limit my hours behind the chair starting in 2021 to ✌️ days a week. To ensure my devoted clientele is prioritized I am only accepting new clients that have requested me personally. That could be by referral or via social media. My online booking feature has been deactivated so please reach out to me via TEXT, EMAIL, or DM for booking 🚨

Don’t worry, I still love doing hair and want to continue doing it forever! It brings me so much joy and I can’t imagine life without it. The thing is, it’s physically super hard and in order to be able to do it for decades to come I am slowly scaling back.

We have plenty of time to absorb all this information and plan accordingly in the next few months 😅 Prebooking will be 🔑 but all my clients are really great about that already. I’m not worried. We totally got this!

This year has allowed me pause and take myself on a self love journey. I am slowly opening up to you guys one post at a time and I hope that it’s relatable. If I can help at least one person out there overcome a hurdle than I know this is all worth it!

I am so enthusiastic about helping people with content creation and I think it would be pretty darn cool to start a side business one day doing exactly that. I have no idea how or what that looks like but I will figure it out as I take my online social media courses this winter. It’s a super scary taking a leap of faith but I am following my gut on this one (with the help of all you fine people cheering me on) and I am making room to follow my dreams ✨

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Letting my freak flag fly 😽🚩 Social media is definitely one of the most scary and anxiety causing BUT rewarding things in my life.

It keeps me in touch with all the people I have met in my journey. All the different salons, co-workers, clients, friends and family that I have gotten to know on a deeper level because of my unique job. We always have great conversations and a lot of times my posts are inspired by YOU.

Being able to create art for people on their heads is the best muse any artist could ask for. As hairstylists we are constantly being challenged and it satisfies us in so many ways.

I’m really enjoying and appreciative of all y’alls support 💖 it’s so magical to hear it in person, see it in my comments and in my DMs. I’m loving keeping in touch through the various social media platforms out there 🥰 When I open up y’all open up and it’s a beautiful thing.

Boxed Fishtail Braid 😻🐡 Love fool 🎶 song by The Cardigans

Hair Tutorial

How to Style your Hair and Make it Last For Days with the Overnight Twist Method

Long Version on YouTube 22 mins
Short Version on IGTV 7 mins 

Almost every time I style someone’s hair they say “I love it so much! I wish I could recreate this look at home tomorrow.” So I came up with a solution. I made a hair styling tutorial video but this one is unique. I found a way that we can wrap our hair up at night in order to preserve our curls from the curling iron work we do without causing creases or disrupting the curl pattern. It’s not perfected yet but here’s what I’ve come up with so far… I came up with a method so that we can wake up and go out the door super fast while looking FABULOUS!!! Hopefully you’ll only have to style your hair once or twice a week. And on the daily, just let the dry shampoo and overnight twists do all the work for you.